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Welcome to our Memory Medicine Education Library!

We hope these short videos provide you with valuable information on memory loss. Based on the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen and the ReCODE program, we now know there are many modifiable risk factors to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and general memory loss. By addressing and supporting key factors in your health and lifestyle almost everyone can reduce their risk of developing cognitive impairment.

New drug for Alzheimer’s approved. Is Aducanumab a friend of foe?

In this video Dr. Nina explores the details of Aducanumab, the first drug to be approved for Alzheimer’s treatment in 18 years.

Glymphatics: How your brain Detoxifies

In this video we will explore how the brain detoxifies and clears our debris and what you can do to be sure that your brain detoxification is optimal.

Subtypes of Alzheimer’s

In this video we explore the different subtypes outlined in the ReCODE protocol. Dr. Nina will describe how we assess an individual for the specific contributory factors to each subtype and some general treatment strategies used for each type of Alzheimer’s Disease.

APOE4 Gene. Should you get tested and what to do if you have it

Should you get your APOE4 gene status tested? Do you already know if you have the APOE4 gene but don’t know what to do about it? In this video Dr. Nina will help explain more about the role of APOE4 in the body and what you need to know if you have the gene.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Did you know Alzheimer’s Disease is often also termed diabetes type 3? Blood sugar regulation is an essential step in prevention and support of memory loss.
Here was discuss some general tips and tricks to make sure your blood sugar is regulated.

Overview of Laboratory Testing to Consider

Alzheimer’s disease has many contributory factors that can be assessed and analyzed through testing.
In this video Dr. Nina Lewis-Larsson gives an overview of labs that should be assessed for anyone worried about developing Alzheimer’s disease or anyone already experiencing memory loss.

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