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Individuals struggling with memory loss, cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s Disease

Are you experiencing episodes of memory loss or “senior moments”?

Have you already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or mild cognitive impairment?

This six-month program is designed to help those already suffering from memory loss.

Who is this program for?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, this six-month program is designed to help you.

This program aims to assess and support the approximately 40 known contributory factors to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, based on the work of world-renowned neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen.


What is included in this six-month program?
  • A total of 15 visits with a Naturopathic Doctor, Nurse practitioner and nutrition consultant.
  • Initial consultation and exam and follow up consultations with each practitioner include:
    • Naturopathic Doctor: Initial 1 ½ hour consult with one 1 ½ hour follow up and four additional 30-45 minute follow up appointments.
    • Nurse practitioner: Initial 1 hour consult, and three 30 minute follow up consultations.
    • Nutrition consultant: Initial 1 hour consultation and three 30 minute follow up consultations.
  • Complete nutrition assessment and five follow up consults to help support you on the best diet known to help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Review of current medications and supplements to help provide the ideal individualized supportive program for you.


  • Two Neurocognitive tests at the beginning and the end of the 6-month program: A non-invasive clinical procedure to efficiently and objectively assess a broad spectrum of brain function performance or domains under challenge. Sample PDF Report.
  • Two MoCA tests at the beginning and end of the program to assess for cognitive baseline levels and any changes.


  • Full panel of blood work assessing vitamin levels, hormone levels, thyroid levels, general organ function, hydration levels, adequate protein intake, cholesterol and lipid levels, lipoprotein particle assessment, immune system function, inflammatory markers, iron levels, electrolyte markers and others.
  • Heavy metal toxicity testing.
  • Blood test to detect immune reactions to 29 different pathogens.
  • Blood test to assess intestinal antigenic permeability (aka Leaky gut).
  • Food sensitivity testing.
  • Vitamin D testing.

Imaging included in the plan

  • Dental assessment and consultation including Cone Bean CT Scan of Root Canals if indicated

What happens in the initial evaluation?

We will review medical and family history, assess medications and supplements, identify the specifics surrounding the concerning family traits or personal episodic experiences, perform physical exams including a cognitive assessment exam, order individual extensive lab work, and initiate a personalized treatment plan.

IV Support

A total of 6 IV nutrient therapy infusions containing Phosphatidylcholine, high levels and vitamins and minerals and Glutathione. IV’s are done weekly for four weeks and then every other week for four weeks. Each IV will take 2-2.5 hours.

Phosphatidylcholine has some preliminary evidence supporting its roll in memory and cognition.

Intravenous phosphatidylcholine (PC) is one of our staples supports for memory and cognition, liver detoxification and cardiac cell health. PC is one of the primary substances which makes up the white matter in your brain and around your other nervous tissue. By infusing PC we try to encourage the body to replace the older, less healthy PC around the cells with new, vibrant PC molecules. PC also helps form Acetylcholine in the brain which is one of the important neurotransmitters involved in memory and cognition.

Nutrient and vitamin IV

This IV combines a wide range of minerals and vitamins and delivers it right into the blood stream. These nutrients provide a boost to the immune system and can help supplement nutrients you are not getting elsewhere. Especially helpful individuals who have poor digestion and absorption, those with fatigue and those on a restricted diet.


This is known as the “master antioxidant.” As it is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants available. Glutathione (GSH) is an important compound naturally present in the body throughout life. Research indicated that production levels reduce substantially as we age. Glutathione plays an important roll in several reactions in the body. It is an antioxidant neutralizing free radicals and helps maintain levels of Vitamins C and E in their reduced (active) state.

What other tests might be recommended?

These items might be recommended based on an individuals’ case but are NOT included in the program:
  • MRI of your brain with secondary assessment of volumetric analysis through Neuroreader.
  • Additional chemical and toxin panels.
  • Mold reactivity screens.
  • Additional gastrointestinal assessment panel.
  • Hormone metabolism panel.
  • Additional nutrient level assessment panels.


  • Total cost for the 6-month program: $7,500CAD.

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